Future-proof product generating revenue for decades

500 Group Inc. is an award-winning intellectual property, investment and development company, covering a diverse mix of inventions including hardware, housewares, juvenile, sporting goods, medical, personal care, construction and automotive.

Directly operated 500 Group projects include BOXABL, an innovation in building construction technology, and Supercar System, an award-winning modular automotive system for the powersports market. Both projects will use proprietary 500 Group technology and are backed by a worldwide supply chain and team of industry experts.

BOXABL: think inside the box

Boxabl’s primary innovation is a patented building construction technology that allows for mass production of almost any size and style of residential and light commercial building in a factory.

Individual rooms are built on an assembly line and packed down to the size of a shipping container, then shipped to site using standard transportation infrastructure. Once onsite they are unpacked and assembled into a finished building, with beautiful architectural styles, higher quality, spacious rooms, and nearly endless customizability.


Supercar System: a radically simple car system

Supercar System combines high performance with precision engineering, safety, comfort and award-winning design at a fraction of current prices. It enables customers to build a deep and personal involvement with their vehicles, to configure, re-configure and build a design to match their evolving style, performance and budgetary requirements.

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